Schedule of meetings 2023 - 2024

Date                                                              Meeting

Monday 22nd May 2023                             Full Council

Monday 19th June 2023                             Full Council

Monday 17th July 2023                              Full Council

Monday 18th September 2023                   Full Council

Monday 16th October 2023                        Full Council

Monday 20th November 2023                    Full Council

Monday 18th December 2023                    Full Council

Monday 15th January 2024                        Full Council

Monday 19th February 2024                      Full Council

Saturday 9th March 2023                          Community Day from 2.30pm and Annual Parish Meeting starting at 6pm

Monday 18th March 2024                          Full Council

Monday 22nd April 2024                            Full Council


Meetings to be held at;

Scotter Village Hall, Scotton Road, DN21 3SA – upstairs meeting room.

All meetings will start at 7pm except for the Annual Meeting of the Parish which will start at 6.30pm.

The agendas for all meetings will be posted on the Parish Council notice boards and website.

The public are welcome to attend all meetings.


The Parish Council are responsible for the cemetery, allotments and all parks excluding the village hall park.

If you have any queries, please contact Kyela Mathieson – Clerk.

Tel: 07739 312997


Working hours Monday and Tuesday 09.30am to 2.30pm at the village hall.

Wednesday & Thursday 09.30am to 2.30pm working from home.