Become a councillor

There is currently one vacancy being advertised by West Lindsey District Council.  If the public do not request for this vacancy to be filled by election by 14th February 2023 the Parish Council will then be notified that they can fill the vacancy by election.

We would encourage anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor to stand for co-option whenever the opportunity arises. 

Being a Parish Councillor is a voluntary, unpaid position, and during your period of office you would be expected to attend a meeting once a month as a minimum requirement. Beyond regular parish council meetings, Parish Councillors can get as involved as they wish in parish affairs and there are always opportunities for keen Councillors to develop and lead on their own projects or ideas to benefit the parish. 

Can you stand for election? Are you qualified to stand for election? Interested? Then please explore the following links:

Can You Stand For Election

Qualifications for Standing for Election

Good Councillor Guide

For more information about the Parish Council or this website, please contact the Parish Clerk at