Lincolnshire Local Listing Campaign - Local listing of heritage assets.

A project being delivered by Heritage Lincolnshire in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council and support of West Lindsey District Council (and other authorities in the county). 

Local Listing of Heritage Assets aims to create a list of sites of local heritage significance that warrant consideration within the planning system. Any type of heritage asset can be nominated for Local Listing including Buildings, Archaeological Sites, Landscapes or Other Structures although it excludes sites already designated as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks & Gardens, as these are already protected under legislation.

Local Listing designation strengthens the case for preservation and conservation of non-designated heritage assets and their significance, however it does not put in place the requirement for additional consent to make changes to those assets (outside of those that may ordinarily be required). The designation will ensure non-designated heritage assets will be recognised within the Planning System and their significance taken account of as part of any decision making process in the Planning System and as such a Local Lists of Heritage Assets is a Planning Tool.

A Local List requires input from members of the public, local groups and communities and we are now at a stage in the project to encourage input from members of the public and local communities within this process. If you would like to have your say or get involved  more information can be found here: Heritage Lincolnshire (

Published: Friday, 28th January 2022