LCC are carrying out Section 19 Flood Investigations following Storm Babet and Henk. If you were effected please complete the survey.

Date: 24th June 2024

Dear Councillors,

SUBJECT: Section 19 Flood Investigations

I hope this finds you well.

You may be aware that Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) are currently undertaking investigative works into the recent flooding issues that have been experienced by residents in the area following storms Babet and Henk. LCC have contracted and authorised flood risk consultants to undertake this work on behalf of the council.

This work started the week commencing 4th March 2024 and will be continuing for several more months. During which time consultants will be out in the affected locations to engage with residents who have reported internal flooding during the recent storms, and to determine potential mechanisms for the floods for the section 19 reports.

Any access to properties, whether internal or external, or documenting of evidence such as photographs will / has been undertaken by express permission of the homeowner in question beforehand.

Recording of the flood information from residents is being completed via our online questionnaire. These are either being completed by our consultants in person where residents are at home, or by the resident via a QR coded letter that is being left at the property if the resident is not home at the time of visiting. Thus ensuring that as many residents as possible are able to provide their information on what occurred during the flooding events.

A link to the questionnaire is supplied at the bottom of this letter for circulation to residents that may not have initially reported the flooding but are known to yourselves to have been internally affected.

Attached is some information regarding whether the consultant has visited your area already, what section 19 reports will be relevant to your area and the status (where applicable) of those reports.

For those who have yet to receive visits from consultants, if you would like more information regarding when the consultants will be visiting your area, or dates to potentially meet them out on site to discuss the floods, then please let us know via the email address above.

If you have any concerns or queries, please send these through to Lincolnshire County Council’s Flood and Water Team using the above contact details.

Yours sincerely,

Vicky Jones & Brett Rycroft-Jones

Flood Resilience Programme Co-Ordinators

Link to the online questionnaire:

Published: Tuesday, 25th June 2024