Scotter Parish Council is the burial authority for Scotter Cemetery, Scotton Road, Scotter. 

It is a lawn-style, non-denominational, cemetery for burials and the interment of ashes.  It is open for visits during all daylight hours.  The Parish Council works hard to ensure that the cemetery and its surroundings are well maintained and that dignity and calm are preserved at all times. 

Grave plots may be purchased at the time of burial. It is also possible to pre-purchase plots at this cemetery.  Cemetery services may be booked through local funeral directors or, for the pre-purchase of plots only, directly with the Clerk.

Records of Burials
Requests for information on burial records and any other such enquiries should be made to the Clerk by e-mail.

Memorials are a lasting symbol of remembrance. The Parish Council is able to offer advice to ensure that all memorials meet cemetery regulations.  These regulations are in place because the Council (as owner and occupier of the site) has a duty under health and safety legislation to do all that is reasonably practical to protect the health and safety of anyone who enters the cemetery.

Further details on all of the above, including the Council’s fees and charges, can be found in the Council’s cemetery policy.

ScotterCemetery Gate Opening Hours


Open at 7.30am -

Close at 7.30pm or dusk - whichever is first.

Saturday and Sunday

Open at 8.00am -

close at 7.30pm or dusk - whichever is first.