Scotter Speed Watch - January 2022 Update

For a long time residents have been complaining about speeding vehicles on the roads through Scotter. With the coming of the resurfacing of the A159 main route through the village, the Parish Council decided it was time to do something about it. Around October 2020, we set up Scotter Parish Council Speedwatch Group.  This initiative guided by Lincoln Road Safety Partnership [LRSP] is designed to educated motorists to keep within speed limits. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, all LRSP training was on hold and the team were not able to get out with the speed gun until June 2021.  Following advice from LRSP on other ways of reducing speed the Parish Council decided to purchase static reminder signs and a Speed Indicating Display [SID].

The SID is a monitoring device that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and records the volume of the traffic and the speeds at which they travel. This device was allocated to the Speedwatch Group who have ensured it has been moved around the parish at regular intervals to monitor the major roads. The SID has been in operation since March of last year.  Due to Covid causing uncertain volumes of traffic until July 2021 when the restrictions reduced, it has acted as a dynamic reminder and has given The Speedwatch Group some intelligence as to where they were most needed. 

Until now, it was felt that any data published on a regular basis would not show accurate comparisons of what we have achieved. Now, having used some of the information from the SID to support a proposal to replace the pedestrian crossing we feel the time is right to begin to publish these figures on a regular basis.

The following two sets of information are from the same site on the Messingham Road but with a couple of months between them. Whilst the speeds have not changed drastically it is in the right direction and is clear that the percentage of speeders has dropped, which indicates that the initiative is starting to show positive results. 

Since June 2021 the Speedwatch Group have reported 277 vehicles over the limit with a recorded highest speed of 57mph. 

The work of the Speedwatch Group will continue in 2022.  We are run by volunteers on behalf of the Parish Council, if you would like to know more or have a few hours a month to spare and would like to join us in making a positive impact, please do get in touch. 

All initial enquires should be made by contacting the Clerk on 07739312997 or email


For Project: Site 9N Messingham Road

Traffic Report From 09/07/2021 10:00:00 through 16/07/2021 17:59:59

85th Percentile Speed 30 MPH

85th Percentile Vehicles 25752

Max Speed 50 MPH on 10/07/2021 07:30:00

Total Vehicles 30296

Volumes - weekly counts

                                  Time                    5 Day              7 Day

Average Daily                                       4001                3854

AM Peak                   08:00                    366                   308

PM Peak                   04:00                    330                   313


Speed Limit: 30

85th Percentile Speed: 30

Average Speed: 26.45

                             Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday      Friday     Saturday    Sunday

Count over limit     562            589              643                670             907          589            541

% over limit             14.5           14.1              14.8              15.6            13.7          15.3           17.3

Avg Speeder            32.7           32.8              32.9              32.8            32.8          32.9           33.0


For Project: Site 9N Messingham Road

Traffic Report From 12/12/2021 15:00:00 through 20/12/2021 13:59:59

85th Percentile Speed 29.8 MPH

85th Percentile Vehicles 26519

Max Speed 45 MPH on 12/12/2021 18:50:00

Total Vehicles 31199

Volumes - weekly counts

                                Time                5 Day                 7 Day

Average Daily                                  4065                  3719

AM Peak                08:00                  388                    317

PM Peak                04:00                  339                    313


Speed Limit: 30

85th Percentile Speed: 29.8

Average Speed: 26.13

                             Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday    Thursday     Friday     Saturday     Sunday

Count over limit      734            547              549                559            478            553            582

% over limit              11.6           12.8             12.8               12.9           11.2           14.9           14.6

Avg Speeder             32.7           32.7             32.8               32.8           32.6           32.7           32.8


Written and information produced by Scotter Parish Council Speedwatch Volunteer Group.