August 2020 Minutes EOM (13th)

Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting held on 13th August 2020 at 7pm in Cllr Collins' Garden

Present:    Jon Harper, Helen Collins, Margaret Armstrong, Paul Wood

An extraordinary meeting was called following the resignation of the below councillors, and to elect an interim clerk and chair.

Robert Day - resigned

John Bullivent - resigned

Barbara Billam - resigned

Ken Whittle - resigned

Clerk – Nicola Altoft - resigned

Elected as Interim chair until May 2021 – Jon Harper

Appointed as Interim clerk until May 2021 – Rachael Reddin

There have been expressions of interest from members of the public interested in a councillor position, and these will be addressed following the 14 day notice period of the said resigned councillors.

Land – Southcliffe Road – Mr and Mrs Wraith have been asked to put in writing to Scotter Parish Council their request to buy a strip of land on Southcliffe Road covering the area they wish to purchase and their offer – this has now been received.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm