January 2023 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting for Scotter Parish Council held on 16 January 2023, held at Scotter Village Hall.

Parish Councillors Present: Cllr Margaret Armstrong – Vice Chair, Cllr Paul Wood, Cllr Paul Boulton, Cllr Alex Johns, Cllr Kevin Watson, Cllr Rachel Hunter,

Parish Councillors Absent: , Cllr Colin Wotherspoon, Cllr Dave Ward, Cllr Bali Kaila

In attendance:  K Mathieson – Clerk, 6 members of public

Public Participation

Chair of the Playing Fields Committee and Chair of the Village Hall Committee advised that they have been liaising with the new PCSO regarding the anti social behaviour from youths in the village which has been causing damage to the facilities.  The Playing Fields Committee are working on a plan to get the field used during the summer months by other sporting groups and not just football.  Can the Parish Council advise if the Parish Plan is going to be updated?

Cllr Armstrong opened the meeting at 7.08pm

Cllr Armstrong as Vice Chair opened the meeting.

2301/1 To elect a Chair following the resignation of Jon Harper from position of Chair and Councillor

Proposed, seconded and Resolved to appoint Cllr Kevin Watson to the position of Chair.  Cllr Watson signed the acceptance of office form and took over as chair of the meeting

2301/2 Apologies for Absence

Apologies received from Cllr Ward, Cllr Wotherspoon, & Cllr Kaila

Apologies noted

2301/3  To receive dispensations or declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011

No declarations of interest received and no dispensations given

2301/4 To approve as a true record the parish council meeting minutes held on 19 December 2022 and sign accordingly

Proposed, seconded and Resolved to accept the minutes as a true record and duly signed by the Chair 

2301/5 To consider co-option of a new member

Meeting closed at 7.11pm and re-opened 7.13pm to allow a member of the public to speak

Proposed, seconded and Resolved to co-opt Ian Thomas as a parish councillor, declaration signed and Cllr Thomas joined the meeting

2301/6 Clerks Report and update on matters from the last meeting

ICCM have confirmed that they will provide the training course for Memorial Headstone testing with the parish council being the host.  Training is scheduled for Monday 24 April 2023

Allotment training has been booked but is 3 sessions in total at a cost of £25 per session.

Zoom meeting with Will Barker to discuss Goosemoor Land has been arranged for 11.30am on 18 January 2023, the meeting link has been sent to all councillors

2301/7 Sub Groups, Community Clubs and Associations Items for Update or Discussion

a) Village Hall - Representation made in open public session

b) Scotter Forward – None 

c) Speed Watch

January report read out, the new SID’s have now been installed and working.  Hoping to get back out with the speed gun twice a week.

d) Sports Clubs – None

e) Eau Centre and Scotter Library - None

f) Playing Fields Committee – Representation made in open public session

2301/8 Correspondence Items for noting

LALC News – Circulated by email 19/12/22

LALC News – Circulated by email 09/01/23

WLDC Parish News – Circulated by email 22/12/22

Resolved to note the items

2301/9 Correspondence items for discussion and or action

LCC Town and Parish News – Share your councils views on budget and council tax proposals – Circulated by email 09/01/23

Following discussion it was proposed, seconded and Resolved for the Clerk to respond on behalf of the council commenting that every effort should be made to keep increases as low as possible

2301/10 Flooding Update

Response received from Lincolnshire County Council in respect of the complaints letter sent – Circulated to all members by email on 21/12/22 – Noted 

Proposed, seconded and Resolved for the clerk to follow up on the complaints letter sent to the Environment Agency as no response has been received.  The Environment Agency complaints policy is to be investigated and if this has not been adhered to the complaint is to be escalated to the ombudsman

2301/11 To review the revised budget and Chair to sign the precept request for the 2023/24 financial year

Proposed, seconded and 

Resolved to approve the proposed budget.  Precept request signed by the Chair

2301/12 a) Planning Application 146033

Land at Moss Farm, Susworth Road, Scotter, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 3JN

Planning application for 1no. replacement dwelling and conversion of adjacent barn

Resolved to submit No Comment

b) Planning Application 146066

Land adj to, 12-14, High Street, Scotter, Gainsborough, Lincs, DN21 3TW 

Planning application for the erection of 1no. two storey detached dwelling with garage and orangery, the renovation of existing granny flat/summer room and the renovation and extension of a granary/workshop and covered garage space to form 1no. new dwelling.

Resolved to submit No Comment

c) Planning Application 145782

8, Riverside, Scotter, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 3UG

Planning application to erect proposed car port and two storey detached garage

Resolved to submit No Comment

2301/13 To discuss the condition of a tree on Riverside and consider any action required

Proposed, seconded and Resolved for Cllr Wood and the Clerk to view the tree and decide on what remedial action is required.  Clerk to use delegated power if required for safety purposes.

2301/14 Finance update and payments

a.) Approve Parish Council Current Account payment schedule/bank reconciliation for the period of 01/12/2022 – 31/12/2022





Northern Power Grid




Constable Rental


6 months rental




Grant number 344




Total Income








Monthly subscription


S Smith & Co Accountants




Lincolnshire CC Pension




S Smith & Co Accountants


Tax investigation insurance


Scotter Village Hall


Office rental to 31/12/22










Instant Ink


Monthly subscription


G Worth


Expenses - Xmas lights & allotment signs


G Worth




R J Coleman


Hobb Lane Electrics for xmas tree


Giff Gaff


Mobile phone


K Mathieson






Total Expenditure


Account Start Balance £34,793.26 

Payments £4,497.30 

Receipts £987.00 

End Balance £31,282.96 

b) Confirm Bank Balance and Statements as at 31/12/2022

Co-operative Bank Account No 61038985 – balance £31,282.96

Co-operative Bank Account No 61797792 – balance £138,373.95 Ear marked reserves

Co-operative Bank Account No 61797404 – balance £14,807.85 General Reserves

c) Payments for approval

Cloud Next Domain Hosting - £59.98

Lincoln Diocesan Trust, Parson Rent - £5.50

Proposed, seconded and

Resolved to approve the bank reconciliation which was duly signed by the Chair, agreed bank balances and statements as seen by council and approve payments

2301/15 Urgent Highways or Maintenance Matters 

Tree on Sands lane that needs reporting to Highways.

Potholes on Sands lane need reporting to Fix My Street

Parking on Hobb Lane to be reported to new PCSO

2301/16 Agenda next meeting – to take any items for members 

Parson’s Field

Parish Plan

Rookery Park

2301/17 To Confirm Date of Next Meeting – 20 February 2023 


Meeting closed 7.35pm